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Nova Energy Specialists, LLC was founded by Phil Barker in 2003. Our company provides consulting and research services for the electric power industry. You can put Nova to work to solve specific technical problems, optimize power system designs, develop strategies for deployment of new technologies, and train your staff in the latest practices and emerging technologies.

Nova Energy Specialists is independent of any manufacturer so we offer unbiased consulting focused on the client's best interest. Nova's staff has many decades of experience assessing power distribution system design and operation, and working in energy-technology research and development. Nova has been responsible for leading research in the fields of power quality, power system lightning protection, distribution reliability, distributed generation, renewable energy systems integration and other areas. In addition, Nova has broad experience in the technical training of utility engineers, having taught numerous students at various electric utilities. We work with domestic electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, commercial/industrial facilities, and nationally recognized energy R&D organizations.

In addition to having a strong base of its own experience, Nova networks with other power industry consultants and has affiliations with internationally recognized scientists in the areas of dielectrics, materials, thermodynamics and other disciplines. We can assemble a multi-faceted team of experts to successfully blend scientific and engineering expertise into a full spectrum of energy consulting and technology development capabilities.

Nova offers three key categories of services (please click on the links for more detail):

Whether you need consulting services, training, or advanced R&D of energy systems, let Nova help your organization reach its goals.
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Learn More About Phil Barker, Founder of Nova Energy Specialists

Mr. Barker has 36 years of experience working in the electric power industry. He received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University with a concentration in electric power systems in 1985 and 86 respectively. Click here to read more.

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