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Power System Consulting Services

Our power system services are intended for customers that desire focused analysis and practical problem solving on issues related to power system operation and design. Some of our key focus areas include:

  • Power Quality and Reliability (measurement, diagnosis, and mitigation)
  • Distribution System Power-Flow Modeling
  • Voltage Regulation Analysis
  • Lightning Protection and Transient Overvoltages
  • Assessments of Ferroresonance and Ground Fault Overvoltages
  • Equipment Applications
  • Application of Premium Power Devices and Power System Configurations
  • Distributed Generation Interface, Power System Integration and System Impact Analysis (PV, wind, ICE, combustion turbines, battery storage, etc.)
  • Microgrid Systems

Our consulting is built upon years of experience gained in measuring, analyzing and simulating the operation of power distribution systems, and in identifying the best strategies that balance cost, reliability and power quality. Depending on client needs, consulting support can range from quick assessments up to comprehensive studies involving major measurements, extensive power system modeling, and detailed reports.

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