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Research and Development

Nova is active in a variety of power system research areas, investigating new distribution system architectures, power generation technologies, and new system control techniques. Nova applies creative thinking to implement ideas as working prototypes or new methodologies that improve power system reliability, cost, and efficiency. Some areas of Nova experience include:

  • Distributed Generation (DG) Technologies & Grid Integration (such as PV, Fuel cells, microturbines, ICE units, etc.)
  • Deployment and Grid integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Analysis
  • Conceptual Designs of DG Microgrids, Power Quality Parks, Green Power Parks
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbines, Etc.)
  • Evaluation of DG for Transmission & Distribution System Support
  • Application of Energy Storage Concepts (Batteries, Flywheels, Ultracapacitors, Etc.)
  • Power Distribution Control & Power Conditioning Methodologies
  • Electrical & Thermal Energy Efficiency
  • Combined Heat & Power Concepts
  • Emerging Power Distribution Architectures (DC Systems, Custom Power Devices, Etc.)
  • Distribution Automation Concepts
  • Prototyping & Development of Energy Production, Instrumentation & Control Devices

Have Nova help your organization with energy related R&D projects. Whether you already have a creative idea that needs further refinement, or you wish for Nova to apply its R&D expertise to forging new ideas, or solving complex engineering issues faced by your company, we would be pleased to provide assistance in reaching your goals.

R&D Projects

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