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Training Courses


Training courses are valuable not only for passing on the best traditional practices for power system design and operation, but also to provide insight into emerging technologies that can improve the performance of power systems. Nova's staff has trained over 1500 utility professionals in topics related to power distribution, power quality, and distributed generation. Our courses address relevant issues in today's rapidly changing energy industry and they insure that engineers have access to up-to-date knowledge, technical standards, and the best new practices. Nova offers courses on traditional technologies as well as new technology topics that are relevant in today's world. Our Courses include:

  • Power Distribution Systems (4 or 4.5 Days, See PDF File Below)
  • Power System Lightning Protection (1 & 2 Day Courses Available)
  • Distributed Generation & Energy Storage (1 & 2 Day Courses Available, See PDF File Below)
  • Power Quality & Reliability (1 Day)
  • Application Of Emerging Energy Technologies To Power Systems (1 & 2 Day Courses Available)

Nova can also custom tailor courses based upon client requirements. All courses are competitively priced and offer excellent value to the client. Usually classes are taught at client sites, but other locations can be arranged on request. Classes are taught in an interactive fashion with in-class problem solving and high quality visuals. For more detail on course offerings and prices please donwload the PDF file or contact us.

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